How to Market Your Salon in This Festive Month

bring joy to your salon sales

It’s the middle of December, and it’s time to turn your mind toward… Christmas!
We all know that Christmas is a manic season for salons. Tis the season when clients flood to the salon to get everything done in order to look fabulous in the coming parties, and frantically search for gift ideas, party-style inspiration, and last-minute salon booking.

This is the business opportunity that you cannot afford in miss. Let’s add some sparkle to your business profit!

Christmas Marketing Goal

While the salons are usually fully booked during the holiday season, filling out the empty timeslot won’t be your top priority.

Here are some goals that you can focus on during this month:

  • Increase the retail sale

  • Reward loyal customers and increase the retention

  • Increase the average spend per visit

  • Get reservations for the coming quiet months in the New Year

  • Promote your salon in the local community

Christmas Marketing Ideas

In this post, we have put together some Christmas ideas which you can easily adopt in your salon to boost some extra profits in the festive season!

#1 Christmas Count Down Promotion

Based on the song “For the 12 Days of Christmas” and the tradition of advent calendar, you can create a countdown for your customers. Needless to say that you should have a promotion of service or product during each day of the countdown.

#2 Create Christmas Gift Packs

This is the season when everyone is looking for gift inspirations. Bundle up some of your best-selling products and set them up with some festive decorations. Here you go! A nice Christmas gift pack that clients will happily take home helps you to increase the retail sale.

Another idea is to prepare some mini-size products that can be easily filled in the Christmas stockings. The lower price point will encourage your clients to purchase more.

#3 Free Wrapping Service

Not everyone is good at wrapping presents… and it sometimes become a nightmare when you have several presents to wrap up. Why not ease your clients’ pain and provide the free wrapping service when your client purchase some products from your salon? That’s an easy way to create a good customer experience, and to drive your retail sales.

 #4 Christmas Greetings

It’s always nice to receive some holiday greetings. Sending out a simple Christmas card to thank your clients for their custom this year is a nice touch to show you care. Make it more personalised by using a picture of your staff in a Christmas setting!


#5 Maximise the Sales of Christmas Gift Cards and Vouchers

Research shows that 65% of gift card recipients will spend 38% higher than the face value of their gift cards. Another statistic is that 73.4% of adults decided to purchase at least one prepaid gift card for holiday shopping.

As a result, make sure your maximise your gift card sales during the Christmas period!

You can put the expiry date until the end of your quieter months, which will create an urgency and fill the booking for those quieter periods.

It is also a good idea to ask the purchaser fill in the recipients’ emails so that you can notify the recipient to use the gift cards before they are expired.

#6 Add Festive Looks on Your Website or Social Media

Christmas season is party season. With all the office parties, family gathering and New Year’s Eve ahead, everyone is looking for some party-style inspirations.

This is a good opportunity to show what your salon can offer and remind your followers to make an appointment with you ASAP to get ready for the parties!

Here we provide some trendy hair styles for this season (internal link to Tricia’s piece).

#7 Place Your Vouchers in Local Businesses

Client opportunities are at your doorsteps.

Go around the neighbourhood and ask the local businesses or the reception of some offices whether you can place your vouchers at their place. It surely will increase your salon profile in the local community!


#8 Christmas Treats

Serve Christmas cupcakes, festive chocolates or even a glass of sparkling wine through December. It’ll certainly turn your happy customer into a “wowed” one.

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