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Our Top 3 Favorite TikTok Skincare Trends

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Sabrina Wise
Our Top 3 Favorite TikTok Skincare Trends

In light of COVID-19 and personal services having to shut down, for the time being, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of 3 of our favourite TikTok skincare trends that you can do at home. If you are someone like me, a beauty guru who is avidly watching TikTok in my spare time, finding fun activities to entertain myself is incredibly joyful.


Personally, being the introverted type, I love a good Friday night at home. So I thought, what’s a better Friday night plan than trying some new skincare?


So let’s do this… grab your favorite snack, some friends (whether you live together or on Zoom!), and get ready for some fun. FYI, these skincare trends are A-List approved. However, proceed with caution, be careful if you have any skin concerns or allergies.And HAVE FUN!


1.         Gigi Hadid’s DIY Face Mask



·     1 Cup of Green Tea

·     2 Cups of Rice Flour

·     Half a Teaspoon of Honey



·     Mix ingredients in a small bowl

·     Massage onto your face

·     Leave on for 20 mins

·     Wash off

·     Enjoy your smooth skin!


*Celeb facialist, Mimi Luzon, says this mask acts as an excellent toxin cleanser and gives a beautiful glow to your face.


2.         Oil Cleanse & Oil Plug Removal:



·     Your FAVE face oil/oil cleanser



·     Massage the oil into your face for 15-20 minutes

·     Watch your oil plugs come right out! – click this link for a full tutorial


*This method is The Golden Rx Esthetician approved. As well, @skincarebyhyram says it can be great for some skin types BUT to start slow and be gentle because it can be irritating if you have more sensitive skin.


3.         Hailey Bieber’s DIY Face Mask:



·     One egg

·     One teaspoon of honey



·     Crack the egg into a small bowl

·     Add honey

·     Mix it all

·     Massage onto your face

·     Leave on until it dries

·     Wash off

·     Enjoy your glowing skin!


*Hailey Bieber, skincare guru, gives promising results! This mask is a simple & easy way to get glowing skin.


If your 21 years old+, crack open your favourite bottle of wine & enjoy <3


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