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Social Media Marketing Intern - Get to Know Me, Sabrina

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Sabrina Wise
Social Media Marketing Intern - Get to Know Me, Sabrina

Hey, Beauties!


Welcome to my take on life as a millennial.


So if you've been following Glammly, you may have wondered who was behind all the relatively pink/purple content. Well, it's me!


I'm Sabrina. Over the past six weeks, I have worked at Glammly as their Social Media Marketing Intern, while juggling some other fun stuff!


The Glammly Team is super welcoming. I've had the best time working with the team, while balancing summer school, keeping up with the new fashion trends, updating my skincare routine, and cuddling with my dog.


I thought I would take the time here to share some of my favorite lifestyle tips and tricks. I hope you find this enjoyable and relatable. If not, well, I'm still glad you came by.


I'm going into my last year of university studying communications. I have become super interested in the marketing world. Glammly gave me the best opportunity of combining my love for the beauty industry, writing, and marketing.


Of course, like any other millennial, social media has pretty much taken over my life. Sometimes it's a lot, especially when it's for personal and business use. Here are some tips I've gathered about staying present and always taking time for yourself:


•              Don't get too caught up on the idea of "perfection" seen on Instagram. This is your life, your rules, and your time. Everyone is different, everyone runs on their own life-clock, so steer clear of comparing yourself to anyone.

•              CLEAR skin doesn't exist. Yes, I get breakouts, I have stretch marks, and so does the rest of the population. So, embrace your own beauty. You are beautiful!

•              BE PRESENT because life is so much better that way. I notice myself sitting at the dinner table, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram sometimes. Set limits for recreational social media use.


As someone who struggles between wanting a fun skincare routine but breaks out, and someone who wants to wear oversized everything but thinks dainty skirts and dresses are cute. Here are some recommendations:


•              SKINCARE: CERAVE PM LOTION is your biggest asset and Biossance everything is pretty awesome too. I'm no dermatologist, but lemme tell you, I've tried A LOT of different products.

•              FASHION: wear whatever makes you feel your absolute best, it's who you are. My personal favourite activity is vintage shopping - finding that great fitted pair of vintage jeans or coziest sweater. Key is to get cheaper trendy stuff and good quality basics. I always go back to the basics.  


Now, here's two of the most important things I've learned in my 21 years of life:

•              Get organized and make a schedule for yourself. BUT don't be too strict, it's okay to slip up. That's normal human behaviour. (Don't get me wrong, I can be the biggest procrastinator thanks to TikTok).

•              ALWAYS be a friend to yourself first. You can give advice, but the hardest part is taking it.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


Check back for more blogs by me. <3


Sincerely, Sabrina.



Photo from IG @linmick